Times Square




(CD) Mark Wegwerth
(ACD) David Stevanov
(ACD) Augustus Sung
(AD) Allison Bulow
(CW) Kristen Manias
(SR) Marcus McCoy
(DD) Aya Baeshean


As one of the most iconic brands in the world, McDonald’s has embodied happiness for over 50 years. While its business is built on consistency, the global identity had become fragmented and inconsistent. So in 2018, McDonald’s redesigned its visual identity from the ground up to fulfill its brand promise: making delicious, feel-good moments easy for everyone.

On the biggest stages in the world, Time Square, over 70 animations were designed and projected using the McDonald’s new visual identity. With the help of post house Brand New School, we created custom animations to celebrate every season, holiday, and cultural event we could think of, transforming McDonald’s new design into a force for feel-good moments.

D&DA / Wood Pencil / Branding & Identity / McDonald’s in Times Square / 2019